Metagenics Canada – Just What The Doctor Ordered



There have always been misunderstandings, to put it mildly, between people who promote the use of natural healing methods and those who practice conventional medicine.  It is very hard for people from the two camps to see eye to eye.

When people undergo a few weeks or so of training then begin treating people using natural healing methods that cost a fraction of a single visit to a doctor’s office, physicians get worried.  First there is the concern about the efficacy of treatment that has not undergone as much official scrutiny as medicines they dispense which are manufactured by big pharmaceuticals.  Then there is concern about the competence of people who provide alternative, natural-based treatments.  And third is the bottom line.  Physicians would have spent hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars to earn their degrees and have undergone government sponsored competence testing before being allowed to provide treatment.  And here now comes a herbalist who have gone through only a very short training period and now dispenses herbs for treatment and charge nickels and dimes; the doctor is bound to lose quite a few regular patients.   Most doctors are not aware that the Naturopathic Medicine Council of Canada has been working hard to ensure professionalism in the practice of natural based medicine.

Metagenics Canada has been collaborating with both herbalists and practitioners of conventional medicine to dispense the natural-based nutritional supplements they produce.  Under this arrangement, natural treatments provided are backed up by the superior diagnostic and laboratory capabilities of conventional doctors, nurses and health service providers.

For Metagenics Toronto Canada, the arrangement cannot be more ideal – just what the doctor ordered so to speak.  The natural-based nutritional supplements they produce are meant to provide targeted nutrition to address specific medical concerns.  Having conventional medical professionals provide more accurate diagnosis of a patient’s complaints allows them to be more accurate in the type of nutrition they advise the patient to take.  Follow-up laboratory testing using conventional medical labs allow close monitoring of results and quick adjustment of types of supplements and even dosages should results show them necessary.  Health food stores Toronto also stock natural nutritional supplements.

Metagenics’ partnerships allow conventional doctors to keep patients enamored of natural cures.  Health food stores in Toronto Ontario may have lost a bit of clients to medical professionals, but they gain more clients as people realize even doctors acknowledge the efficacy of natural cures.



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